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June 15, 2012

Glue Batik

This project has been in the back of my mind ever since I found it here.
I always find inspiration and great directions on this lovely blog!
I had been hiding a bottle of Elmer's blue Gel Glue just for this day.
So I pulled it out and found an old cotton pillow case to cut up.

Binky used a brush with the glue to create his TRON flag.
He is very into TRON right now!

Goose used the bottle of glue to create her pyramid and Eye of Horus design.
Egypt is a big part of her reading, writing and art right now.
After the designs were finished we left them out in the sun to dry.
Lucky for us it was a very warm day and they dried in no time!

After painting our fabrics, we left them to dry in the sun.
After they were completely dry, maybe an hour or so, we washed them in the bathtub.
It took a few minutes to rub off all the glue.
A fingernail brush does work very well.

This is Binky's TRON flag.
If you don't know TRON, this is the symbol for TRON himself.
I was thrilled with how well the glue really worked.

I love this pyramid scene!

I made this flower and Reiki symbol wall hanging.
We made these in a day and it was so much fun!
Both kids were very into each step, from the glue to the bathtub rinse.
Thank you Gail for another great project idea!!

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  1. wow! these came out great! i did this once on the island to make a wind sock. i think we need to try again - if we got really into it, i could see us making our own prayer flags. i really like your daughter's color scheme and her eyeball character flying through the sky. i don't know hieroglyphs at all...