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June 19, 2012

painted glass bottles

Goose and I made these adorable painted bottles for some fun summer decor.
They are so easy.
We used rootbeer bottles and acrylic paint.
Choose the color you want and pour it into the bottle.
Start with enough paint to cover the bottom of the bottle.
Then begin to turn and twist your bottle upside down.
It takes a few minutes to completely cover the inside.
But when you are done, the effect is very cool!

Aren't they fun?!
I have mine outside to brighten up the backyard.
Solstice is almost here and I found this beautiful solstice pendant to make
in celebration of the season.
We will be bbqing and spending the evening outside with a bonfire and some
good music.  I can't wait!
Happy Solstice!


  1. So pretty!Thanks about the kitty:)

  2. I really like those! I think I am going to do this! very cool!

  3. hi...i have a few bottles that are waiting to be transformed!!thanks for sharing your project!