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November 12, 2012


Have you ever heard of antibubbles?
I had not until last week when Binky came home from
science class and was talking about bubbles.
An antibubble is a bubble underwater.  So it is water surrounded
by a thin layer of air, which is surrounded by water.
A little confusing, I know.
I have a link below that explains it with diagrams.
He also practiced blowing bubbles inside of bubbles.
Both Goose and Binky had fun with this.
At one point, they could blow 4 bubbles inside of each other!
I was amazed at how much fun they both had blowing bubbles all weekend.
And whenever a friend or family member came over they had to show
them how to do it!

Binky's teacher talked about antibubbles a little bit, but didn't
really get into it, so I found a great website that
explains what they are and how to make them!
Of course, we had to try and make our own.
It does take patience, but the results are worth it!
I also found this great youtube video.
We have to try this next!
And I thought we were long past bubble play!
Have a great week!


  1. I had never heard of that before either. But anything that has to do with bubbles is good in my books.

  2. I wast trying to remember the name of this guy. Turns out I just have to Google Bubble Guy and there he is!