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November 19, 2012

R e s t

Sebastien found the best spot in the house the other
morning to enjoy the sun.
He loves to lay in the sun.  He will follow it around the house
just to soak up all that warm goodness.
I love his little face reflecting in the window.
I could use some rest like this.
I am not feeling too good right now.
I am functioning, but I am nauseas all the time,
especially after I eat.  I am really
starting to feel the effects of this chemo cream I have
to put on my face.  I can't see anything yet, but I can sure feel it.
I must try and fit some naps into my day!
Never easy while the kids are home.
Especially during the holidays!


  1. Your cat has something to teach you. Find yourself a patch of sun and nap.

  2. I am just checking back to see how you are feeling. Thinking about you and I hope you get some energy back before Christmas.