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October 16, 2008

another science class

Another Wednesday of classes. Goose is still sorting in her class. Binky's class finished their water works and moved on to magnets and what is and isn't magnetic. The class is quite simple. I think Binky might get bored with the projects if they don't progress more quickly. But seeing his friends is all the encouragement he needs to go to class. I just love watching them with their friends. Goose has made a few new friends through the class and found out that they belong to the same homeschool group we do. Obviously we haven't made it recently to any of the get-togethers. But! We are definitely going this Monday because Goose's friends will be there, too! It feels like things are falling into place... for now.

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  1. that picture up top with the two boys is just adorable. i love how openly little guys share their feelings for each other. my little guy is a hugger, and i hope he keeps on hugging as long as possible.