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October 13, 2008

Martial Arts

Goose and Binky have recently started Cuong Nhu, a mixed form of martial arts. They LOVE it! The morning after their first class, they immediately started practicing. We have been to 4 classes so far. When Binky gets excited he talks a lot, so we are working on that. I love watching them! Seeing them so focused is thrilling. Having something to strive for, like stripes on your belt, keeps them practicing regularly. They go twice a week. Daddy and I are considering joining so we can join them for family classes. We've been wanting to do this for a while and the homeschooling charter we belong to offered this class as one of its vendors. We signed up for six months. It's great so far!!

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  1. Fun. My son has really been loving karate. It is amazing to see how much his coordination and balance has improved (and this from an avid bike rider who took off training wheels when he turned 4) from 2 months of class. :)