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October 24, 2008

Pearl The Mermaid

Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid. Her name was Pearl because she loved pearls. She loved pink pearls, purple pearls, and just plain old white pearls. But she liked other things, too, like her pet eel, her sanddollar and fish.
Her favorite things to eat were almonds, cake and ice cream. One day she saw an odd-looking creature in one of the caves by Octopus City. A couple of days later she saw it again. It was a large sea cucumber. Pearl thought it was very cute and wanted to take it home, but a mean old crab said, "You shouldn't."

Pearl said, "Why not?" The crab said, "Because he's a stray." "No he isn't, he's a cutie!" "Whatever!" said the crab and he just kept on walking. The mermaid said, "He's not a very nice crab. Well, let's go home. I'll show you where I live."

"Here's where I live. Are you hungry? I've got peanut butter and jelly." The sea cucumber shook happily. He ate ten sandwiches! "Oh, I forgot, what should I name you? How about Peta- Peta -Sandwich -Eater?" He liked it, so that's what Pearl named him and they were happy together!
The End
Story and Artwork by Goose

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