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October 17, 2008

Tooth Faerie Time

Binky's 2nd tooth fell out the other day. Well, actually, I may have helped it a little. It was just dangling there so I asked if I could see how loose it was. I grabbed on to it and gave the slightest tug and there it was in my hand! No pain involved. Yeah! Binky was having a hard time eating because the tooth was so loose and just hanging there. Yes, the tooth faerie did arrive during the night, even though Binky had left his bed and come to mommy and daddies bed, leaving his tooth pillow in his room. It's a good thing the tooth faerie really only needs the tooth to leave a gift!


  1. My son is losing his teeth too. He has two growing in on the bottom - they didn't push the baby teeth out, they are growing inside/next to the others...so we have to wait until the root dissolves on the others for them to loosen on their own (hopefully). So he isn't eating much all week...

  2. You are so funny! I'm going to try your trick the next time my son gets a loose tooth that's just hanging on by a thread.