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February 20, 2009

field trip for shelters class

We took a trip to Truitt and White on Wednesday with both classes. Truitt and White is a local seller of lumber and building materials. Most of the tour was given by a gentleman by the name of Guy who was really great with the kids. He loves his work! We learned how to mix paint, what woods are better for indoors and out, different kinds of insulation(including some made with denim,) how doors are made and hung, and the new age of "Green Building Materials." It was a lot of fun! They really went out of their way to show the kids a good time. And when you leave with handfuls of paint samples, carpenter pencils, and a screwdriver/bottle-opener how could you not have a good time? The screwdriver/bottle-opener was questionable! But, of course, it was everyone's favorite!

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