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February 22, 2009


cardstock quilt

Goose's baby quilt

Binky's baby quilt

ready for backing

Goose is reading a story called"The Keeping Quilt" about a family quilt handed down through the family. So I grabbed Goose and Binky's quilts, made by a friend of mine, to look at and talk about. After closely looking at these quilts Goose made a quilt with scraps of fabric on a piece of cardstock. She layed each piece out in a pattern she liked and then glued them one by one. Well, after making that quilt she wanted to make more! So she got to sewing a small quilt for her fairy baby's bed. She made a 3x4 quilt with a solid backing. But she didn't stop there! Goose also made a small pillow for her baby. And now this sweet little fairy baby is warm and cozy. And I must admit, Daddy helped with all the sewing! I really enjoyed watching them sew together. It made my heart smile!

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  1. What a wonderful thing to pass down to your kids. I finally took my sewing machine out of the box. Haven't used it yet, but it at least it's out of the box. It only took three years. Maybe in the next seven I'll figure out how to thread the needle.
    PS Found you via Deep Space Sparkle.
    I am a homeschool mom who loves art too.