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April 23, 2009

a change of plans

We decided to go out on our own yesterday and clean up our neighborhood!

Goose and Binky grabbed the litter-picker-uppers and we headed out.

We went around the block and down one more street and this is what we picked up! Pretty amazing that so much trash was on the streets. Cigarette butts topped the list of trash they picked up. When we got home they both made a list of all the things we found. Two passersby said "Thank you for cleaning our neighborhood!" We keep these tools in the car so the kids frequently pick up litter when we go to the park, etc.

Goose's poem
Everything is earthy.
Always love the earth.
Remember how our planet is great.
The earth is special in so many ways.
How do you treat the earth the right way?
Binky's poem
Yes, that does say "analysis." That was the word Binky came up with for the letter A. He said we need to do an analysis of how we are living on earth. :) That's my boy!


  1. Noah and I did the same thing, we didn't get as much trash as you guys though. That was nice to get a Thank you:)
    Wonderful poems!

  2. Way to go! That's a lot of garbage you found in one block. I love the poems.

  3. I'm amazed of all the garbage you all picked up! That is really very sad actually. Great poems and what smart kids you have.