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April 8, 2009

pink, sun and rain

Well, we finally got a cast put on that fractured arm. It turns out she has two bones with fractures! And the color of choice was pink this time. Last year it was purple. I'm hoping we don't complete the rainbow!!
Binky and I had a picnic the other day. It was so warm we had to be outside. We grabbed some books, some snacks and our solar radio. It was great to slow down and relax. And now it is raining!! Just when I bring out the shorts and sunscreen the rain reminds us that Spring is here and April showers bring May flowers!!


  1. I love her smile. Wierd weather... we still have snow on the ground from last few days.

  2. I just knew she'd pick a pink one:)
    Two fractures, oh my!
    Love the photo, what a great smile!

    I wouldn't mind rain so much, we just had 6 inches of snow the other day...it's melting away already:)

  3. Goose looks so proud of her pink cast! My friends always seemed to be in casts when I was a kid and I never broke anything. I wanted to because I thought it was cool that you could have all your friends write on the cast!
    Looks like you had a nice day out in the sunshine. We're still struggling to make it out of winter-we had a little snow this morning!

  4. That sure is a pink cast! Love the smile on her face. I do love spring, but it sure teases us.

  5. Yes, I hope she doesn't end up with a whole rainbow of cast colors! :) It looks like she likes the pink one though.
    We've been having back and forth spring like weather to.

  6. Awww...she looks like she doesn't mind the pink cast. I can't believe she's on her second broken arm! She has such a sweet smile.

  7. Yowch! Love the pink cast. :)