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April 22, 2009

Purple Stripe Test

Goose and Binky tested for their purple stripes last night. They were a little nervous! But they practiced a lot and did a great job, even in the heat! After they receive one more purple stripe they will begin testing for a purple belt. Then we will be going three days a week! I am so proud of them for taking this test seriously and working so hard to get to this point. I love watching their focused little minds!


  1. Hey Lisa! Thanks for visiting! Congrats to Goose and Binky! LOVE those names!-Jane

  2. Congrats to Goose and Binky! I think my son might begin karate in the fall. It seems like a good way to teach discipline while having fun.

  3. Yay! Great job...congrats on the belts. :)

  4. that is so great! I'm proud of them too. My son wanted karate but after the class, he was not so hot about it. Perhaps when he is older, we will try again but for now he likes doing karate his way. :)

  5. That's wonderful!! Great job Goose and Binky!
    My Caleb has his black belt.
    I really should enroll Noah.
    It always was on the same night as Cub Scouts. But he's said he doesn't want to stay in scouts anymore (the leader is leaving) so now we can do karate!

  6. Good for them! I think martial arts is such a good discipline for the kids-and a lot of fun too!

  7. Congratulations Goose and Binky!! Keep up the hard work.