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April 2, 2009


Today we made fishbowls with conversating fish! We drew a fishbowl and colored in the sand, rocks, plants, coral and fish.

Then we painted over the bowl with blue watercolor paint.

I cut out some conversation bubbles and the kids filled in the conversation!

This is Goose's fishbowl. They are quite chatty little creatures!

This is Binky's. I love the electric eel, who says"Boy that's a shock!" So funny!
I am trying to come up with fun ways to get Binky writing. He does like to write, but it's always the same topic: Star Wars. Don't get me wrong, I like Star Wars! But I think we need to broaden our horizons a little.


  1. What a GREAT idea! I am doing this with my girls, Fauna is not a big writing fan as well! Thanks for sharing Lisa.

  2. How cute. I love it. There was a time I felt that way about my son... any other interest than power rangers?!

  3. This is such a fun idea! Very cute. :)

  4. Oh gosh I remember Noah's Star Wars phase. I'm glad that's over!
    The fish bowl is a great idea.
    Super cute!
    We always try to guess what the birds sitting on the wires are saying to each other:)