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June 3, 2009

MOMA Treasure Hunt

Yesterday was the monthly free day at MOMA so we headed out on the BART train! The night before I printed up a MOMA Treasure Hunt for the kids. It was quick and easy! I went to MOMA's website and printed up some of the pieces in the collection. I wanted the kids to really LOOK at the artwork. For each piece of art I asked two questions. I also made a place to copy the artist's name, the title of that piece and its date. These are just a few of the pages I made. Goose and Binky really got into it! I enjoyed watching them look at each piece of art to see if it was part of the hunt. They found every piece except one, which was part of a special exhibit we did not see. You can see more of the artwork from MOMA in my sidebar flickr badge. Goose and Binky each got a prize from the gift shop for completing the treasure hunt! Next we are heading to the de Young Museum in Golden Gate park to see the King Tut exhibition opening later this month. I can't wait!!


  1. So cool that your museum has a Frida Kahlo painting. She's my favorite!

    lisa :)

  2. This is such a great idea! I've been wondering how to keep B's interest up at our local museum. Perfect.

  3. That treasure hunt through the museum sounds like a great way to learn about art. We went to the de Young's Saturday morning clinic for kids when we were visiting last time and they loved it. That was one of the many moments when I wished very much that I lived where you do. ;)