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August 6, 2009

blueberry pie

Last night Goose and I made blueberry pie!!!

We set it on the window sill to cool... and admire!

Blueberry pie a la mode is, I have to say, my new favorite dessert!

Scratch was waiting patiently for his share!
We have some blackberries in our backyard that are nearly ready for picking.
I was thinking about making some blackberry tartlets this weekend!
What do you do with fresh-picked berries, besides pop 'em into your mouth?


  1. oooh yum!

    *thinking I may have to see if some berries have grown over our neighbors fence into our yard :)*

    We also try them on homemade vanilla ice cream...

  2. Oh my gosh, we just had blueberry pancakes for dinner last night!
    They were delishous:)

    I drooling over your pie!!!

  3. Oh yum! If I ever have any berries that don't immediately get popped straight into hungry mouths, I usually freeze them and use them for smoothies.

  4. That pie looked absolutely yummy!!! Now I am craving pie. I guess I will have to come over so you can make me some. LOL