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August 13, 2009

robots, lunch and lego chess

Goose pulled out a box of wooden craft pieces and started making robots. And, of course, Binky had to make some, too! These are his robots! The one on the right is a bunny rabbit robot, in case you were wondering!

Goose made these three. My favorite is the one on the left. What is he staring at? They will be painted tomorrow!

Lunch! I sometimes think the kids are getting too old for this sort of thing. But I think I still have another year or so! Yeah!

They will never be too old for homemade popsicles! Goose prefers lemonade and Binky likes smoothy pops. He calls them smopcicles!

And I bet you didn't know that lego characters play chess! Well they do! And are quite good at it, too! Binky and I have been playing chess for a couple of days in a row now. He saw his legos sitting on the table and decided to use them for chess pieces. His was the knight and mine was a pawn. This gave me a great idea for making a homemade chess set out of legos!!!!!!!!!! But don't tell Binky!!


  1. Hi Lisa... they are never too old for those lunches! Hubby still gets excited when I make something out of food, have you done the octopus hot dogs?
    Lego chess set.... that's awesome.. you have to do it now and post a pic!!!!

  2. I love the lego chess idea, Lisa. And I also adore the whimsical robots. When Christmas comes 'round I'll show you some robot ornaments we made. They are very dear to me, and we also used little wooden turned thingies to do them. Seeing your robots makes me want to do this with my son again. Good job, Binky and Goose!

  3. Aw.... I love the wooden robots!
    Hope you'll show us when they are painted.
    I had to laugh at the food art.
    My 17yr.old son Caleb still likes hot dog people and octopus:)

    Very cool idea for the lego chess.
    We used to have a Harry Potter's wizards chess set. But I think Noah had played with the pieces here and there and scattered them about.

    Noah said he'd really like to be Goose's pen pal. He's always wanted one!
    Let us know what you had in mind...Snail Mail, E-mail, or blog friends?

  4. I very much like robot bunny and "the one on the left." I think he/she is pondering something. ;o)

  5. Love the little robots and the lunch faces! Have you ever tried out those bento boxes? I haven't but they look kind of fun.

  6. The wooden robots are genius! My boys are starting their robot obsession and I think they'd really enjoy putting some together!

    If you don't mind me asking, how old was Binky when he started playing chess? My husband sadly is not interested at all so I'm going to have to recruit one of my boys to play with me...