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August 12, 2009

Goose and I made felted wishing stones today! We were inspired by The Magic Onions. We are going to try felted soap next!

We also made some sun prints with doilies!

This is Beyesera. She is a faerie who rides a beautiful horse named Beyosongaya. And she loves acorn caps!

This is where Beyesera likes to play with her friends!

And this is Easter the gnome! She lives in a watermelon! A lucky gnome, indeed!

We had a great day! We started at the library where we picked up Robin Hood, some new comic books and a lot of books about cats! All kinds of cats! From tigers to lions and cheetahs. Binky said he wants to learn about every kind of cat in the world! From there we stopped for a scoop of ice cream. We found a new shop where scoops are one dollar each! I know, unheard of, right? After running some more errands we headed home and had some fun creating and playing. And when Daddy got home we went out for tacos! And, yes, more ice cream! It is summer, you know!
Tonight we are hoping to catch the Perseid Meteor shower! We weren't able to see it last night because of all the fog. We are going to get up really early, 3am, and head up into the hills to get above the city lights. The kids are so funny! They tried to go to bed in the clothes they are going to wear when we get up to see the meteors! It's a warm night so sweatshirts and sweatpants aren't going to be very comfortable. They do not see my logic! But I'm getting used to that!


  1. Methinks I'd like to live in a watermelon. :)

  2. Hi, Lisa! I love you magic rocks, especially the colors. We had fun with this craft too this spring....but we called them mossy rocks and used different greens. I also did this craft with a kindergarten as part of an ongoing series of textile workshops. The children loved felting and didn't want to stop....warm, soapy water, bubbles, wool, ahhhhh.