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August 16, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

beauty in the city

our favorite bakery with friends

farmer's market bounty!

scratch and cody sharing a meal!


  1. I love reading your blog and seeing familiar places through your eyes... I used to love going to Sweet Adelines after yoga!

  2. Hi, Marina!
    Did you go to the yoga studio on the next block? I have been thinking about trying it out. Binky started playing chess when he was 5. He is 7 now and he still loves it! My kids play together all the time. It's denfinitely worth introducing to your oldest!

  3. Love the dog and cat sharing a meal...would never happen in our house. Our dogs want to EAT our cats!

    The ear piercing secret...go to Walmart and ask for two people to double up. There was one lady on each eat, they counted to three and shoot! Same way with Fauna 3 years ago.

    Lisa :)

  4. I do love farmers markets. I wish we had more available to us here. Its really great to see everyone's blogs after a wonderful weekend.

    Happy day to you

    Warm regards

  5. What lovely weekend photos :) I love the photo of your dog and cat sharing their meal, so sweet.



  6. Your weekend looks wonderful. I really missed not being able to got to the farmer's market this weekend.

  7. Fabulous colors from the produce! I love your blog header picture. Wish I could in the waves.

  8. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the encouragement with the chess idea! My oldest is 4 and I may start with checkers pretty soon

    I went to Yogalayam for the mommy and baby yoga classes... I thought they were great- you should give them a try if that's the one you were thinking of (it seems like there is a yoga studio on every block here :) )