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February 9, 2010

daddy and a jedi knight

skipping rocks

building faerie houses

whittling sticks

enjoying the view!

Daddy took the kids out of the house for a walk in the forest. They came home covered in mud! So you know they had fun!
They even had to remove a giant tree limb that fell in the road!
I stayed home and cleaned up.
With my Jedi Knight, Scratch!


  1. I sense a disturbance in the force. I hope it's not a hairball. :)

  2. Glad Scratch stayed home with you to protect you from all those dust bunnies!

  3. Oh, you saw those!! I hesitated showing that picture!! But I figured, well I hoped, I'm not the only one with a few dust bunnies keeping me company!! :)

  4. Looks like the kids and dad had a marvelous time!

    ...and may the force be with you and Scratch :D