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February 27, 2010


I LOVE these sketches!!

Goose is studying owls! We've seen some beautiful owls at the local zoo. I found an article about some burrowing owls here in the Bay Area, so Goose sent an email to the mayor's office asking the city to protect these wonderful birds. She made some adorable sketches of some of her favorite owls. I found an amazing book about a student who adopts an owl named wesley and falls in love with him. You can find it here. Goose read this book pretty quickly. She, too, fell in love with Wesley!
We also watched a great movie called Owl Cam: The Hidden World. This is a fantastic look at the day to day life of an owl family. Highly recommended!!!
We went looking for some more local burrowing owls at a park near our house. No luck yet, though. Next we will be reading some owl mythology and looking at owls in art.


  1. Way to go Goose! That's great that she wrote a letter to the mayor expressing her concern about the owls. It sounds like she's learning a lot.

  2. How cool! Owls are such a beautiful bird and studying them can be so much fun. Good for Goose, expressing her concerns to the Mayor!

  3. What a sweet post--love owls--love the letter! I'm very proud of your little lady. Hoot hoot!

  4. OMG! We saw this great movie called "Hoot" It is also a book, about a boy who saves burrowing owls from development! You all must see it, it is spot on. :>) I am so excited to share this with you!
    Here is the trailer:

  5. Wow, wonderful drawings! What a great post! I do love owls. And we loved the movie Hoot too!

  6. we love Hoot too!! really good movie with a great message.

    thanks for all the great comments!! Goose loves hearing about them!

  7. I LOVE your lessons here and will be borrowing some of your ideas to teach my students before we do our Owl Pellet Dissection. Hope you don't mind. ;)

  8. I don't mind at all!!!! Have fun!