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February 23, 2010

sewing and the skatepark

Goose has been speding a lot of time at her sewing machine. She picked out some very pretty fabrics and an apron pattern with Grandma the other day. Then she went to the other Grandma's house and learned to cut and put together the pattern. She had a GREAT time!
This is a photo of her first apron!!

Binky has discovered how much fun it is to ride his bike at the skatepark. Not to mention more painful when he falls! But he sucks it up and gets on again. He could stay there all day long!
Daddy always takes him so I haven't seen him on his bike yet. Seeing some of the scrapes and bruises he comes home with, I'm not sure I could handle it!


  1. oh, skatepark, bike riding and short sleeved shirts. sigh. looks fun, and the sewing is super cute!

  2. That's such a pretty fabric that Goose picked out for her apron. She did a great job! My little guy loves riding his bike at the skate park to...scary stuff for a mom to see. ;)

  3. Nice!!
    My husband bmxed as a kid, and I have never thought to go to a place like this (a skate park) with our son!
    'Course, he'll need a bit more practice, but maybe if dh showed him how 'tis done... :)
    Spring (when kids are in school) and fall would be optimal for us!

    Never even thought of it.

  4. Oh!
    And welcome to Growing Naturally!

  5. Awww... Goose must be so proud of herself. The apron is so cute and such a useful item:)

    Sure looks like fun riding your bike there!
    I don't think bikes are allowed at our skate park. There are always so many skaters and skateboarders that it would most likely be too dangerous. Well have fun Binky and stay safe!

  6. Looks like a fun and productive day! The apron is very pretty.

    I can imagine the skate park would present an interesting challenge for someone on a bike. :-D

  7. I'm envious. I wish my kids could sew so they could make me stuff! ;)