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April 8, 2010

baby spiders

I found these adorable little guys hanging out on our fence. They were all clumped together, but when I got closer to take a picture they scattered. The kids were amazed at how many there were. Binky said, "They are so cute!" I had to agree.
We have been spending more and more time in the backyard.
The weather yesterday was glorious!
Today looks the same.
We are headed to the library and martial arts today.
I hope spring is filling your days with sun and fun!


  1. Vey cute and a wonderful find!
    So sorry about your mom's partner, what a challenging thing to endure. I'm sending postitive thoughts your way for him and the family.


  2. Thanks, Lisa.
    Dawn, I forgot to say that they are baby spiders!! Sorry! Cute, aren't they?