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April 8, 2010

botanical gardens

We made lots of new friends today as we trapsed through the gardens, giggling with delight.

The flower faeries danced on the breeze as we admired the flowers they had painted overnight.

Even the spaceman had to explore this wonderous sight!

The dragon winked at me...

...but the tree people knew there was nothing to fear.

"For this is a magical garden filled with delight!" said Mr. Lizard as we ran out of sight!
Today was so beautiful at our local botanical gardens.
Binky is usually too afraid of the bees this time of year but I convinced him to give it a try.
We had the best time!
We did some journal sketching and wand-waving while we were there.
This really is a magical place. I always feel refreshed and ready for the world after a day in the gardens.
I hope your day was as lovely as ours!


  1. WoW! Fantastic images from your great day. Love them.

  2. Such beautiful images! Benjamin was less than enthusiastic about going outside today (it's brrrrr, cold here in PA). :(

    Your images warmed me up! Love the dragon eye winking--so cool!