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April 21, 2010

beautiful day

It was supposed to rain all day yesterday.
But it didn't!
So I grabbed the kids and headed down to our local waterfront.
It was windy, but so beautiful.
The clouds were amazing.
We found lots of friends under rocks.

Binky just had to see how far he could get into the water without getting wet!

The ice plant was in full bloom.

Goose made a faerie house complete with a lovely
bathtub filled with flowers

a table for dining on the finest of faerie food

and a cozy place to sit and enjoy the view of the bay.

This is the faerie house nestled in the side of the rocks and plants.
I wanted to move right in!
I am so glad we got out into the world.
Goose collected shells and Binky eventually did get wet!
Today they say we will get rain.
What's your favorite way to spend a rainy day?


  1. What a lovely day, the fairy house is wonderful:)

  2. I always love Goose's faerie creations!
    They do make you wish you were a little faerie and could move right in!
    I could just see myself soaking in the tub:)

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....