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December 13, 2010

cinnamon mobiles

Goose and I made these adorable mobiles to fill the house with the scent of cinnamon.
We used this recipe I found here.
We used the first recipe, which needed more cinnamon, and also added glitter.
They took several days to air dry but the house smelled so good!
Goose came up with the idea of a mobile.  She is giving them as gifts before Christmas so they can be enjoyed throughout the holidays.
Yesterday she delivered some gingerbread cookies to our new neighbors across the street.
We give cookies to our neighbors every year.  We're adding fudge to our goodies this year!
Oh, how I love baking holiday goodies!


  1. Oh I swear I got a whiff of cinnamon when I was looking at your mobile! :)

    We made some of these a few years ago... squirrel and heart shapes:) and they still smell wonderful!

  2. Love those! I love the smell of cinnamon.