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December 4, 2010

house and dog-sitting

The kids and I have been house and dog-sitting for my mom since Wednesday.
We can walk down to the waterfront and climb trees,

watch the birds,

find shipwrecks,

and enjoy nature.

This is Johnny.  He loves to sleep on the couch.  He also loves Binky!

Goose and I have been making these little fabric gift bags for a homeschool craft fair we are participating in next week.  We are making several sizes.  I do the cutting and Goose does the sewing.  We've never done this fair before but we are very excited about it.  The proceeds from the raffle and soup lunch go to a local women's drop-in center.  I am also selling photo greeting cards in sets of three that come nicely wrapped in a fabric gift bag.  Tonight we are watching a movie, eating chocolate and snuggling with the dogs.
Life is good.

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