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December 10, 2010

first craft fair

Goose participated in her first craft fair yesterday!
She made over 60 fabric bags to sell.
She sat at the sewing machine for 3 days making them.
I did all the cutting and ironing.
She sold over half of them!  She was sooo excited!!
I am so proud of her.  She worked so hard and it all payed off. 
We had fun.  Some of her friends were there selling their creations, like tie-dye clothing, crocheted headbands, handmade books and lots of yummy food.
Today is our first day home after house-sitting for my mom.
Being gone all week was hard.  I feel like I've missed a week of holiday prep and fun here at home.
But today we are going to make up for it!
Christmas music is on the radio, gingerbread cookies will soon be in the oven, and if it doesn't rain, we'll
pick out our tree!  I am so happy to be home!!


  1. Good for Goose! She looks so happy in this picture :) Speaking of pictures ... I really like your new header. Beautiful!

  2. Wow!!! great job Goose! She's just adorable:)

    Have fun with the holiday prep... that's really the best part isn't it?
    We're planning on baking some goodies this weekend and hoping they'll still be here for Christmas...right.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I LOVE your new blog look! Big pictures and all! The one up top is amazing. That is awesome that Goose sold all those gift bags. My oldest keeps asking me what she would need to do to sell stuff she can make online, like open up an etsy store. It's cool that our daughter see what we do and want to do it too. Enjoy your weekend!


  4. Awesome! Does she ship? :) I love the honeycomb fabric!

  5. That is a great idea for a craft fair, I would have bought a bunch! Glad is was a success!