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June 30, 2011


Binky found his first Letterbox yesterday!! 
Actually he found two!
If you don't know about Letterboxing you must find out about it here and here.
It really is fun!  First, you buy or make your own stamp.
We found one that Binky loved at our local craft store.  You also need a stamp pad,
a journal and a pen or pencil.  Next, go to the websites linked above and find
letterboxes hidden in your area.
We found 3 we wanted to search for.
The first one was hidden in a cemetary!
The clue said to stop in the Chapel of the Chimes for a visit before going into the cemetary.

It is such a beautiful building!
I drive by it every day and have never been inside until yesterday.

After leaving the chapel we walked over to the cemetary and began our hunt for the letterbox.
One of the clues said to find a place where two rose bushes bloom.
We found the bushes, without blooms.

The last clue was to find a very old crypt in the side of a hill.
The Letterbox was hidden beside it under leaves and dirt.
It rained quite a bit the day before so I wasn't sure what condition  it would be in.

But we found it safe and sound in a round tin.
Everything inside was dry!

This is Binky's stamp that he stamped into the journal in this Letterbox.

And the top stamp is the one from the Letterbox that he added to his journal.
The second stamp was found a few blocks away outside a library.
We couldn't find the third one.
It may have been removed due to all the rain the day before.
We had such a good time reading the clues and hunting for these Letterboxes.
It is a true treasure hunt!
We can't wait to do it again!


  1. is this like geo caching? i'll have to read more. looks like a perfect activity for you guys!

  2. We love letter boxing! We also have recently got into geo caching. This post reminds me to get out there and do some! That was a lovely cemetery! My favorite ones have always been graveyards.

  3. Awesome! Marina and I have taken our kids letterboxing together. It is so much fun!