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September 9, 2008

Feeling better

More fog today. Finally feeling human after a sore throat over the weekend. Goose is loving faeries these days. Building faerie houses, wearing faerie costumes, making faerie dolls. So fun! Binky is just along for the ride with his swords and lances. Today we are going to begin our study of Native North Americans. I've heard conflicting stories of my family tree so we are going to investigate to discover the truth behind any Native American heritage. Binky has been making his own short comic strips using stickers and colored pencils. We are working on the spelling, but for now he insists on writing the story the way he "wants to do it." As long as he is writing I am cool with that!!

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  1. Hi, I saw you on my followers list. I thought I pop in and welcome you! My husband is half Ojibwa from the Great Lakes area. We attend many pow wows and have some interesting relatives. If you check my side bar on my blog and click on the Ojibwa Indians you can see some of the post we have done. My son Noah (8) is homeschooled too, I have two older children 21 and 16 in college. They were homeschooled also.
    Well, having fun blogging and homeschooling.
    My oldest used to build faerie houses too! :)