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September 24, 2008

Goose and I made these autumn trees with crushed leaves yesterday. Cute aren't they? I found the idea on the Crafty Crow. We collected leaves, the drier the better. And then, the funnest part of all, crunched up all the leaves into little pieces. After painting the tree trunk and branches we brushed glue over the branches and anywhere else we wanted leaves. Sprinkled the broken leaves on to the glue and presto! A fall tree! Goose finished hers with some colored pencils to color in the sky, the sun and a lovely little girl. Too cute!
I just dug out all my sweaters and scarves and it is in the 80s here this week! Go figure! We pulled out our autumn and Halloween decorations yesterday. Goose and Binky are very excited about Halloween. Goose will be a faerie and Binky will be a Storm Trooper, today that is. I think I just might dress up this year. Maybe a faerie like Goose!

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  1. Oh, I love that craft. We made that craft last fall when our leaves changed and plan to do it again this year. We have another week or so before we get the colors. Turned out great!