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September 30, 2008

Seasons change and so does life...

Goose and I have been working on some paper fall leaves with watercolors and oil pastels. We had a good time. The second day she asked me what we were going to do with all of these leaves. So yesterday I strung them up into a leaf mobile. I originally saw the idea on http://mamaskinnedknees.typepad.com/ with real leaves. So pretty! Here is our work of art!

Friday we received some bad news. My uncle passed away suddenly from a heart attack that Friday evening. I am in shock still. Trying to keep busy. Sunday I also found out that my grandfather is dying and it's a day to day situaion. I had a horrible weekend! Goose and Binky are only aware of my uncle's death right now. They only saw him a few times. But telling them about my grandfather, their great-grandpa, will be tough! Not looking forward to it. We will be leaving town this Friday to attend my uncle's funeral. We will also visit my grandfather. He was a huge part of my childhood. I have so many wonderful, loving memories. I am thankful for those. Day-to-day life has to go on. It is hard to stay focused. Time will pass and it will get easier. That's what I am telling myself, anyway.

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  1. Your mobile is lovely!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle and grandfather...it is never easy to say goodbye to people who mean so much.
    Your family will be in my prayers.