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June 24, 2009

Fencing and Feathered Friends

Binky has been going to a half-day fencing camp all week in San Francisco.
He is having the best time!

So, Daddy and I spent part of the morning in Golden Gate Park.

And found some new friends.

This beauty was my favorite!
Goose is doing an all-day art camp with one of her best friends. They, too, are having a blast! And they will bring home all of their wonderful creations. It's been a busy week with camps, play dates, movie nights, and martial arts classes. The kids are ready for sleep at the end of the day. And so am I!


  1. The girls were fascinated with the idea of fencing! Very cool that Binky enjoys this; I've always been curious about it myself.

    San Francisco is so beautiful. Fauna keeps saying that when she gets bigger she is coming for a visit. So watch out! ;P

    I hope things are well,
    Lisa :)

  2. Sounds like some fun, summer days. You got some great photos at the park!

  3. Isn't summer wonderful! The kids have so much fun.
    Caleb is taking fencing in college this year... he's been wanting to do it since he was a little boy. But there are no classes available for children here.
    I'm so glad Binky was able to experience it when he was young.
    Sure sounds like fun!

  4. Yeah, Binky had such a great time fencing! We will try to do another week next month. I would like to take fencing classes, too! Someday...
    And, Fauna, we would love to show you around!!!