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June 12, 2009

Hike in the Woods

We spent Wednesday in the woods. Muir Woods to be exact! We hiked a little over 4 miles through ancient redwoods and prehistoric ferns. There's a bench along the trail where we always stop to draw and write in our nature journals. Binky likes to draw the view in front of us and Goose likes to write poems and such.
"When I'm Out In The Wild"
by Goose
When I'm out in the wild I see so many things.
They cling together somehow.
To me its like a work of art.
When I'm out in the wild I hear so many things.
They can be strong or very soft.
But the one thing you hear most is the creek rushing through the rocks.

We stopped at this little pool to play in the water. I love this hike! It is quite strenuous in some places, a work-out to be sure! We heard some beautiful bird songs and saw many banana slugs and chipmunks.

This boulder in an open meadow is the end of the trail for us. We always turn back at this point but next time I think we will venture even further. I'm thinking of printing up a nature treasure hunt for next time!


  1. My dream is to someday see a redwood in person. Ahhhhh, this is such a beautiful post and I love Goose's poem.

    Thanks for posting my giveaway, you are so sweet.

    BTW, I plan on emailing you back; time gets away from me awfully quickly.

    Hope all is well, Lisa :)

  2. Beautiful woods!
    My favorite way to spend the day.
    Okay for some reason I'm always fascinated with huge rocks. I swear they have spirits...like the trees.
    Another awesome Goose poem:)

  3. Such a sweet poem. And that countryside is gorgeous. Esp love the boulder photo.