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June 15, 2009

sKaTe PArK SuNdAy

While Goose attended an ice skating party, we headed to the skate park with Binky. I used to bring him here a lot when he was younger. He was a little rusty, but was soon going down hills and making turns. He skated for a couple of hours! This skate park is on an old naval base right on the water. There are always lots of kids and adults on skateboards, bikes, razors and in-line skates. Everyone waits their turn and is so courteous. I was actually surprised when we first started coming at the level of respect everyone has for each other. And the big guys are always willing to fall to keep from slamming into the little guys. One guy completely flipped over to keep from knocking Binky down and then got up, came over to me and apologized for the close call! I know it is a little dangerous but these kids have so much fun! I have a feeling we will spend a lot of time at the skate park this summer!


  1. Ohhh, how nice of the big boys. I love hearing that. Binking will be skating and avoiding the little guys in no time......

    He looks so cut on that skateboard.

    Lisa :)

  2. Wow, look at Binky go! He's so cute. Is it hard to pick up?
    That is so nice of the big kids to watch out for the little ones. Does Goose skateboard too? Uh oh, loud thunder crack, here we go again, time to close the windows!

  3. He is so cute!!! Goose likes to get on the skateboard at home but not at the skate park. Actually, the first time she took her skates to the skatepark she tried going down a hill without any help and fell, fracturing her wrist for the first time. She won't go back there now. Can't say I blame her! Skateboarding is not hard to pick up if you already have a good sense of balance. Binky was born with this! The first time he got on a snowboard he took off like a pro at the age of 4! The same with his bike. He is a natural at this stuff. AND, he has already had 3 fractured wrists. What can I do? He loves these sports! The orthopedist said Binky is going to make him a lot of money, that I should get a frequent breaker card!! Ha, ha. What a comedian.

  4. My oldest used to go to the skate park all the time, until one day he fell hard on his tailbone. It really scared him. He could barely sit for days. I think that's way he doesn't go anymore.
    Glad to hear Binky loves skating. You never know he could be a pro someday!

  5. so sweet of the bigger boys. the last time zeb was at a skate park, he and his friends didn't get quite as warm a welcome. :( I'm glad your little man had fun!