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June 25, 2009

Japanese Tea Garden

It was another day in San Francisco. And after dropping the very excited Binky off at fencing camp, I headed over to Golden Gate Park again. But this time I made my way to the
Japanese Tea Gardens! It was so quiet and peaceful.

Not to mention beautiful!

We brought the kids here several years ago, but I had forgotten how lovely it is.

I was there around 9:30am so the place was pretty much mine.

This is my favorite spot. I love this Buddha. So calming and serene.

I even stopped for some green tea and cookies.
It was a day


  1. This is just breath taking!
    Such a lovely time you must of had.
    Beautiful photos. I feel more peaceful just looking at them:)

  2. I love their gardens too. What a serene place. I just love those KOI fish.

  3. I've wanted to visit that garden for a long time now, but never have. It looks so beautiful and peaceful.

  4. What a lucky mama to have such a beautiful place to visit! I like the photo of the fish. This looks like a lovely, peaceful place to be!

  5. When I make it back up there this lovely garden is now on my 'must visit' list. Your pictures make it seems so peaceful and the perfect place to refill one's own wellspring.

  6. I had such a nice time alone with my camera! I do recommend it if you are in San Francisco and have time for Golden Gate Park. The earlier the better to avoid the crowds. And be sure to stop for tea!

  7. One of my favorite places! Are you in the city? Let's have tea! We can take walks & enjoy the sites with our littles. Thank you so much for sharing. I forgot to turn off my comments ~ must be so I could come here!