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July 2, 2009

Another Honest Scrap

Jane from By the maple tree tagged me for this so here goes!
1. I want a clean and organized house... but I hate housework!
2. I won't buy fruits or veggies that are not organic. I just can't bring myself to do it.
3. We have no more tv. Once it went digital that was it. The only time it went on anyway was for PBS cartoons some mornings. I haven't watched tv in years. But I do love Netflix!
4. I love the original Star Wars! Seriously... I do!
5. I am considering opening an etsy shop with some of my nature photos. I love to take pictures! I don't know anything about photography but it sure makes me happy!
6. We started homeschooling because the charter school we were attending left my daughter to educate herself and bored my son to tears. And you know what? I couldn't be more thankful! I want my kids to be who they are, not who the system wants them to be.
7. This has been a rough year for us. My husband lost his job of 15 years recently. We lost 6 family members in one year. Death was becoming a normal part of our lives, it seemed, for a while there. Married life was rocky for a bit. Perhaps a test of our love and commitment? We passed with flying colors! And then there's the in-laws... Enough said!
Now on to lighter subject matter...
8. We eat a lot of ice cream. It's my husband's fault! He always comes up with some reason we should celebrate with ice cream.
9. I am a Reiki Master. I discovered Reiki through my mom and started using it with my son and his asthma. I plan on teaching Reiki to my kids. This summer I hope!
10. I am so thankful to have found this blog world. I refer to all of you as my friends. Thank you for opening your arms and your hearts to one more over-caffeinated homeschooling mamma!
I would love to tag finding the fun and Adventure of J and Prime.


  1. I love your picture of your kids on the big rock, beautiful! I like the origional Star Wars, too!

  2. I think we would make wonderful real life friends. I'm glad I found you in the Cyber Cul-de-Sac. :)

  3. wow, reiki master? I have always wanted to learn reiki.

    Hope this next 1/2 year is better for you. It's so awesome you and your hubby "passed with flying colors"!!

  4. Lisa, thanks for doing this! Sorry to hear that it's been a tough year for you-hopefully the next half of the year will be easier. I also love taking pictures-it's an interest I didn't know I had until I started blogging. Nature photography is the best! Often I take pictures of things I want to identify later, too. You're the second person I 'know' who has included the love of ice cream in an honest scrap!!!

  5. Thanks for tagging me. Let's see how much dirty laundry I can come up with.

  6. 6 family members? Wow, Lisa, I don't know how in the world anyone could handle that in a sane way. Hopefully the "downward spiral" will start spiraling up soon.

    I'm working on the bat for binky. I was finally inspired yesterday with the outline of it.

    A Reiki Master, how cool is that? I have always been fascinated with healing energies. Has it helped Binky?

    Lisa ;)

  7. Thanks for all the encouragement!! It has to be a better year! Jessica, I am glad I found you too!! Reiki is amazing! My son had asthma and with the help of reiki and osteopathy he is now asthma-free! I couldn't stand giving him all the drugs he was taking, it was affecting his behavior, not to mention his little body. Thanks for all of your comments and love!! Binky wants his own blog now!!!