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July 9, 2009

Piperoids and Plant Prints

I found these piperoids at MOMA last month and finally opened them yesterday. They are japanese paper pipe robots!

This is what you start with...

...and this is the finished product! Binky helped a little, but they are really for older kids and adults. He does love playing with them, though.

Goose and I made some plant prints with paint, leaves, flowers and stems.

Goose really enjoyed this. Even Grandma had fun. We were at her house where it was quite hot so we headed back inside to play some games.

These beauties are in Grandma's kitchen window.
After spending half the day at grandma Diane's (Daddy's mom)we headed over to grandma Dixie's(my mom.) They both live within 30 minutes of us so we see them a lot! I feel so blessed to have both our moms so close. We've never used any other babysitters other than grandmas and aunts and uncles. So many friends don't have any family near by to help take care of the kids when they need a night out or a weekend away. I am always offering to watch their kids to help out when I can. Who watches your kids when you need a night out?


  1. I absolutely love those robots! I'll have to see if I can get some. How come the Japanese make all the cool stuff!!!

  2. Very cool robots, I've never seen such a thing!

    We've never had a sitter outside the family either. Dave and I never go out together though, wee need to. sigh.....

    Lisa :)

  3. Check out piperoids.com for full line-up and latest info on the paper robots!