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July 27, 2009





dragon eggs


golden snitches!

This party was so much fun! There were 7 wizards total. There was even some spell-casting by the end of the night! Goose received an invisibility cloak from a friend and she has been wearing it constantly! Which makes it kind of hard to know where she is! The dragons come with a special gift themselves. Each wizard can go on-line(these are modern day wizards) and enter in there special code which lets them name their very own star in the International Star Registry! Isn't that cool! I mean, wicked! Goose already named her star! It is located near Ursa Major.
Making potions was a favorite, too! By 10pm everyone had gone home!
Thank you to everyone for the very sweet birthday wishes!


  1. Such a FUN party!! I love it, the spells and the golden snitch are my favorite. Great job mama! : )

  2. wow that looks like a wicked party! what great ideas! and the photos are gorgeous!

  3. What a cool party. You took some beautiful photos as well.

  4. What a wonderful birthday party! I love the potions and dragon's eggs. I'm going to start following your blog. :) --Jennifer syrendell.blogspot.com

  5. what a beautiful and fun party. I really love the sparkly potion and the dragon eggs are so cool.

    Lisa ;)

  6. That is certainly a fun-filled party. Lucky birthday girl!! I am sure she will have precious memories forever of this great party.

  7. Wow what a fun party! : )
    I love the potions!!