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July 29, 2009

t h i r t y - s e v e n

Today is my 37th birthday!
This is a photo from last year when I received my Reiki Master certificate.
My teacher, William Lee Rand, was great!
And, so, on my 37th birthday, I am thinking about my life and its purpose.
Yes, I am a mother, wife, teacher, student, but there is something that has been calling me for most of my life. And that something is healing.
Friends and family have always come to me with their health issues, as if they knew I could help them. In my twenties I just went with it and seemed to know what they needed. After discovering Reiki, I realized I had an awareness of other people's health.
I, along with my Mom, will be teaching my first Reiki class to my kids and their friends later this summer. I am very excited!
Today is my 37th birthday I am still waiting to feel like a grown-up!
Joyfull wishes to all!!


  1. Happy, happy birthday to you,
    Happy, happy birthday to you,
    Happy, happy birthday lovely Lisa.....
    Happy, happy birthday to you!
    And many more!

    You don't look a day over 21!
    Lisa :)

  2. Happy wishes for your birthday!
    How exciting about your Reiki class.
    I remember my 37th birthday so well, it's the day Noah was born!
    The doctor and nurses sang me Happy Birthday:)
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Happy birthday Lisa! Good luck with the Reiki class. It looks like 37 has some good stuff in store for you!

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday! That's great that you became an Reiki Healer. That's somethign I have plans on looking more into this next year.

  5. How wonderful! Happy Birthday! Hope you have had a fantastic day and richest blessings for your 37th year. You go and spread that healing - what a precious gift.
    Best wishes

  6. Happy Birthday mom we love you

    love goose binky and grandma

  7. Happy Birthday Lisa! Best wishes to you with your new goals. I hope this next year is a great one for you.

  8. Happy Happy birthday! I hope this coming year is filled with laughter,surprises and lots of joy!

  9. Happy Birthday to you! I will also be 37 this year :) I wish you all the best with your new life path :)

  10. Drat...I just read this post.

    Belated birthday wishes to you...and, congratulations on your decision to teach your first Reiki class. Exciting!!

    ~Jessica :)