November 8, 2009

autumn botanical garden

nature journaling

faerie friends

faerie tea

faerie picnic

these manzanitas are my favorite
favorite squat spot

shaggy manzanita

I love to experience the seasons in the gardens.
I hope you, too, are enjoying the season!


  1. That garden looks like a fun place to explore.
    Your blog is the second one I've clicked on tonight that I'm subscribed to, but I'm not getting the feed. I realized I hadn't seen any posts from you for a long time, so came to look and noticed that I missed a whole bunch! I'll re-subscribe your blog with a different feed and see if that fixes the problem. I've missed you!

  2. Hi Dawn!
    I am sorry to hear that happened. Sometimes blogger doesn't always work the way it's supposed to! Thanks for trying again!
    Have a great week!

  3. I'm just loving the garden and the fairies! It looks like a wonderful places to visit - very relaxing. :-D

  4. That looks like a wonderful garden. I like the way you brought toys and made it a place to play, not just a place to walk around. Sometimes we go to the nearby woods and "camp" in a fort we have there, just for the day. Beth

  5. Lovely!
    Looks like you guys are bundling up a bit more there. Feels like fall!

  6. I love the "squat spot" picture, with the zig zagging fence line. Looks like a great nature hang out.

  7. Such a beautiful natural environment. The tree there look so magical.

  8. What a beautiful day! The trees are incredibly gorgeous!
    I love that your family stayed and played in the woods, certainly a magical adventure!

  9. So magical Lisa! Love seeing that part of the USA through your eyes!


  10. I just adore all this fairy stuff. I just spent an hour looking at all of it in the Magic Cabin catalog. I wish that my boys liked it as well, but, alas, they don't! Thank you for posting.