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November 16, 2009

Yesterday was a big day for all of us! Both kids competed in their first Cuong Nhu tournament! It was very exciting! Goose and Binky worked very hard for weeks to prepare. They weren't supposed to compete against each other but there weren't quite enough kids in Binky's age and belt rank for a seperate competition. So Binky was the youngest in his group and he was amazing! In kata, Goose received the 2nd place trophy!!!!! So proud of her! And Binky received honorable mention and a medal! Couldn't be prouder! Binky also sparred with the same group of kids. Again he was the youngest and did a great job! He received another medal! Both Grandmas came to watch and fun was had by all. I am so proud of Goose and Binky! To celebrate we headed to our favorite ice cream spot and splurged!!!


  1. Nice job to the kids :) Their first tournament is certainly a big deal!

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!! What a wonderful accomplishment!