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May 23, 2010

fortune teller, fashion and legos

Binky's fortune teller

Binky's legos

fashions by Goose

There's been a lot of lego play going on in our house. We had to clear off an entire bookshelf to hold all the lego ships Binky has acquired in the last year. We're hoping this keeps them together longer!
Goose has been designing like crazy! She can sit for hours sketching new designs.
I really love what she comes up with. When I was her age I was doing the exact same thing.
Only I wasn't as good as she is!!
Linnea in Monet's Garden is a great book!
I read it to the kids before we went to the museum to see The Birth of Impressionism exhibit in San Francisco. They really got into the story. In fact, we all wanted to get on a plane and see Giverny for ourselves!
Binky and I had a great day yesterday together. We saw Shrek 4, which was kinda cute, but not great. Then we headed to the comic book store for some reading material. There are some cats that live in the store so Binky was curled up in the cat's corner reading comics. Oh, how I wish I had brought my camera!
After that we had thai food for lunch. Binky loves chicken sticks, I mean satay, and coconut ice cream. After lunch we had a long walk home.
It was such a wonderful day for me. One of those days I will look back on when he is a teenager and never home.


  1. The fortune teller looks very mysterious!

    Your kids are so creative. Really great designs in Lego's and in fashion!

    Oh don't worry, they'll still want to spend time with you as teenagers, it will just have to be on their terms and in their time:)

  2. Very impressive fashions! I could barely accomplish those "Fashion Plates" thingys that you rubbed, let alone actually designing from scratch!

    Nice Lego collection Binky has there...have you considered super gluing them for strength? I know some mamas do that--if they're meant to be "collectibles." :)

    Love the Jango helmet! You know my feelings on the elder Fett. We'll leave it at that. ;)