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May 24, 2010

Lithium Atom Model

Daddy twisted some wire for us and we stuck it in some clay.
Then we tied some string in the middle of the inner circle .
We cut the string so that it was hanging only to the center of the circle.

We found some red, yellow and green air dry clay and made 10 little balls about the size
of a small grape.

3 yellow for the protons, 3 red for electrons and 4 green for the neutrons.
The outer electron shell has one electron and the inner shell has 2.

The nucleus has all the protons and neutrons.
We clumped them all together around the end of the string.
This is our model of a lithium atom.
We looked at the periodic table and noticed how all the elements are arranged by their atomic number, how many protons are in the atom.
We looked at my camera's lithium battery.
Did you know lithium is the lightest metal on the periodic table?
We plan on making several more molecule models just to compare with each other.
We had fun with this project.
It's fast and easy!


  1. So cool! We have the molecule balls/sticks set to assemble molecules, but haven't done anything more organic. Such a great idea.

  2. I'm going to do this for science class! Thank you very much for the idea!!

  3. Thanks! I'm going to use this for my science project for school, so thanks for your help.

  4. have to go this for sci class... thanks for the idea