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May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Binky!!!!

Binky turned 8 today at 2:47am.
So to celebrate we had a Lego party!

These soaps were in the goody bags and they are so cute!
I mean super cute! I found them here.

The rest of the goody bag was filled with a lego mini-set and lego shaped candy.
You can actually build with the candy pieces!

Binky wanted an icecream cake so we looked for a lego cake at Baskin Robbins.
They don't make one.
So we took some photos of our legos and they made their "Freeze Frame" cake with our photo.
We loved how it turned out!

Here's my boy on his 8th birthday.
He's asleep now and all I can think of is how amazing he is and how blessed I am to be is mother.
Happy Birthday Binky!
I love you


  1. What a fun party! Happy Birthday to Binky. :)

  2. Awesome! My boys would have LOVED this party! Happy Birthday, Binkie! :)

    (And happy Mother's Day, Lisa!)

  3. What a fun party--OMG, I love the soap!! I so wish I was invited to the party. Would that be awkward? "Uh, mom...who is that old lady with the spiky hair? She took one the soaps!" LOL!!