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May 26, 2010

Monet-inspired Cakes

After our last impressionism paintings, I had the idea of painting with frosting. Kids are always willing to pile on the frosting! I was originally going to do this on cupcakes but realized they wouldn't be able to do a scene on such a small space.
So we baked two cakes from one box of cake mix in 9 inch pans.
After the cakes cooled completely we created a blank canvas with white vanilla frosting.

We also made several different colors of frosting.
We thought about Monet's palette in many of his paintings.
We used butter knives as paintbrushes. I thought about using real paintbrushes but didn't want the little hairs in the frosting.

The kids thought about Monet's outdoor paintings and then decided on what kind of scene they wanted to create.
Goose decided on an ocean sunset.
Binky decided on a mountain sunset scene with a river.
He said, "This is fun!"
But he made it clear that he will not be eating any cake.
It's not his favorite dessert.
This masterpiece of an ocean sunset with the moon rising is by Goose.
I love the reflection of the sunset in the ocean!

And this masterpiece of a grassy mountain with a flowing river at sunset is by Binky.
I love how they knew exactly what they wanted to paint and then did it.
They even used smaller brushstrokes like Monet.

We also read this beautiful book to inspire us. This would be a great book for younger kids.
The illustrations are so pretty.
The above book and art playing cards are also great.
Go fish with impressionist masterpieces is my kind of card game!
We had so much fun with this project.
And after dinner we have beautiful cakes to admire and devour!


  1. Wow, how neat, I love Goose's ocean sunset!

  2. What fun!!!! There is an Impressionist exhibit at out art museum right now (60 paintings from a Cali museum actually); I must get the girls to it next week and then do some of the fun stuff you did. Fauna was talking about Goose's last post today and how she wanted to study Impress. So we must do.


  3. What a fun and delicious project!

  4. This was brilliant! I just love the way they turned out! What's better than art you can eat?

  5. This so nice and creative. I bet you can do a Van Gogh painting really easily as a cake also.