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September 11, 2010

Atoms and Molecules with VanCleave

We spent most of Friday studying atoms and molecules.
And Janice VanCleave is the perfect person to lend a hand!
Goose added carbon and helium to her atom model collection.
Daddy makes the wire shells and the kids add the string, protons, neutrons and electrons.
Then we moved onto molecules with clay and toothpicks.
I glued the molecules to the cardstock so I can hang them up.
We studied water molecules, their constant motion and cohesion.
Finally we denatured egg white proteins.
We love this book!
We've done the first 6 experiments so far.
If you haven't looked at these books before, I highly recommend that you do!
You won't be sorry!!


  1. I'll have to go and give these books a look. Sounds great!

  2. Those atom models look like some type of fine art. ;) What a fun way to learn!

  3. You make science look like so much fun!

    I've been thinking about you so much this past week as we've started public school here. While we like our school so far, I kept thinking about how much fun you make homeschooling look. You SO inspire me to keep that option open for our family... thank you :)

    xoxo, Marina