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September 7, 2010

beach day

We spent the day at Muir Beach, our favorite local beach.
What a perfect day it was, too!
Binky was swimming in the waves that were above his head.
Yes, it was a little, okay a lot, scary, but he did great!
The water was FREEZING, but that didn't stop him.  He would have stayed all day in those waves.
Unfortunately, while Goose and I were exploring the
tide pools, she tried to jump from one rock to the next to avoid a wave
 and fell onto a rock covered with barnacles with her knee!
Ouch!  She fell quite hard and has
a deep gash in her right knee.
She is still sore, but on the mend.
So, obviously, ice cream was in order on the way home.
But even that was hard for her to enjoy.
Seeing Binky playing in the waves reminded me of when I was a kid spending every weekend
at the beach in southern California.
Lately all he talks about is waiting for the snow to come so we can go
snowboarding.  It's all he talks about!
Last night he said we have to go back to the beach
he wants to learn how to surf!

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