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June 14, 2011

baking with Goose

Homemade crumb cake with fresh whipped cream and berries!
Can I just say YUMMY!
We finished this cake off in two days!
I am not sure where she got the recipe.  She loves to find recipes online.
She is a huge fan of the show Cake Boss.

This is her homemade lemon bar.
Also very yummy!
I always get a lemon bar at our favorite bakery around the corner.
Now I don't have to leave home to enjoy my favorite treat!
She found this recipe here.
She uses this book all the time.  When she feels like baking, look out!
Goose takes over the kitchen!
You won't hear me complaining!!

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  1. My kids love to cook. And I love it because I no longer have to cook every meal!
    Looks like you have a baker on your hands. Both look yummy!