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June 6, 2011

everything in nature...

Everything in nature is

lyrical in its ideal essence,

tragic in its fate,

and comic in its existence.

by George Santayana

The kids and I spent a lovely Friday morning exploring our local botanical gardens.
It was a very grey day with a chance of raindrops any second.
We were talking about rainbows and Binky asked,
"What do rainbows feel like?"
And before I could even think of a response
Goose said, "They feel like happiness!"
I quietly smiled to myself and we continued walking.
It was one of those moments you feel so lucky to have witnessed!
By the time we got home it was raining.
But we were wishing for rainbows!


  1. Kids know so much more than we do. So much more.

  2. i hope you get your rainbow soon! beautiful quotation...

  3. Such beautiful images and words. I love the wisdom kids impart when we listen. It is magical!